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    Public shops area, Realocity



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    Public shops area, Realocity

    Post by Mrtoyfreak on Thu Aug 20, 2015 12:28 pm

    Made out of an old city from a previous world, Realocity is a public area built for people who wish to create shops for trade between players.
    owning a shop costs a monthly fee of game money. you can either build the shop yourself, or you can have it built for you.

    Rules and guidelines:
    All ranks have the ability to buy a shop.

    every shop can have no more than two stories, and the foundation of the first floor is bedrock, so you cannot dig basements.

    If you buy a plot and build the shop yourself, the price will be 15,000 every month
    If you buy a plot and want to have the shop built for you, there will be an initial price of 25,000, and you will continue paying 15,000 every month after.
    If you don't know how to create a shop sign to sell items,  here is the website with all the information on creating and using shops.


    People who build shops have the freedom to customize their shop signs so that they will be able to only sell items to players, only buy items to players, or both.  It is strongly advised that players do not build shops where they can buy items from players, because that can drain the money of the shop owner very fast.  No complaints will be received concerning loss of money from shops.

    Mrtoyfreak is in charge of Realocity, if you wish to build one, or if you have any questions, complaints, or ideas concerning Realocity, you can send him a message on the forum, or talk to him on the chatbox, or in game.

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